Partial Dentures in Naples FL | Benefits of Partial Dentures

August 22, 2019
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Partial dentures are custom-made removable dental appliances used to replace a missing tooth or a few teeth. Not only can it provide strength and stability for your jaws and teeth, restoring your mouth’s full function, but it can also improve the appearance of your smile. So, if you’re suffering from a missing tooth or a couple of teeth, then you may want to consider getting partial dentures in Naples FL. Here are the benefits of partial dentures:


Partial dentures are affordable compared to other tooth replacement options. The procedure is also less invasive, which means that you don’t have to worry about pain or missing work after your procedure.

Additional Teeth Can Be Added

Overtime, in case that you lose another tooth or a few teeth, your dentist can add additional replacement teeth. But this will depend on the material that your partial dentures are made of and other factors.

Better Option if Some of Your Natural Teeth Can Still Be Saved

Partial dentures are considered to be a much better option than complete dentures, when it comes to replacing lost teeth in your lower jaw, especially if some of your natural teeth can still be saved. Most people also struggle adapting to a complete lower denture.

Prevents Shifting of Teeth

Replacing your missing teeth with partial dentures immediately will help make sure that the rest of your teeth do not shift and move to the gap.

Prevents Shrinking of Soft Tissues

Overtime, tooth loss can lead to bone loss, which shrinks your soft tissues and the supporting bone near your missing tooth or teeth. This can cause premature aging, affecting your facial appearance. But using partial dentures will help support and preserve the underlying structures of your mouth.

Looking for Partial Dentures in Naples FL?

Partial dentures in Naples FL can restore your missing teeth and help bring back the beauty of your smile. At Gulfside Dental, we offer high-quality dentures at an affordable price! What are you waiting for? Replace your missing teeth with affordable partial dentures today! Contact us for inquiries!

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