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November 22, 2019
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Dentures Naples are a great option if you’re looking for an affordable replacement for your missing teeth. Wearing dentures will help restore your mouth’s ability to chew, bite, and speak properly. Plus, it can complete your smile, improving your overall facial appearance. If you’re considering to get dentures, you must have an idea of what’ll likely happen. Here are the steps in getting dentures:

Dental Examination

The first step in getting dentures is to undergo a dental examination to determine the condition of your teeth and oral health. During the examination, your dentist will look for any signs of tooth decay, infection, and other things that can prevent the denture process. Sometimes, extraction may be necessary, especially if a tooth is in the way of placing dentures.

Denture Fabrication

After the examination, your dentist will take a mold of your teeth and measurements to guarantee that the dentures fit with the rest of your teeth perfectly. These specifications will then be sent to a dental lab for fabrication.

Fitting Dentures

Once your dentures Naples FL are complete, you will fit them to see if there are no issues, discomfort, or if there are any adjustments that need to be made so it’ll fit perfectly with the rest of your teeth.

Wearing Dentures

Wearing dentures may take some time before you’ll get used to it, but seeing how you’re able to bite, chew, and speak properly with them will make the adjustment period worth it. Plus, you no longer have to hide your smile! Wearing dentures will give you the beautiful smile you desire, giving you confidence to socialize.

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