4 Signs That You Need Emergency Dental Care

March 31, 2020
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When it comes to damage to the soft tissues surrounding the tooth and the inner tissues.

Persistent Pain

Persistent pain in your tooth or gums may indicate that an infection has developed. If you’re experiencing persistent tooth pain or extreme sensitivity, it’s best to visit an emergency dentist right away for treatment.

Stubborn, Painful Swelling along Your Jaws

Stubborn and painful swelling along your jaws and gums may indicate that you have a gum abscess. A gum abscess is a pocket full of pus that grows due to a bacterial infection in the mouth. Keep in mind not to poke the area in case a pimple-like bump has grown. It will not go away on its own, so let your emergency dentist take care of the situation. It’s important to address this issue immediately before it can spread to other parts of your body.

Sudden Tooth Loss

In case of sudden tooth loss, whether you dislodged or knocked out a tooth from trauma or it just fell on its own, make sure to see an emergency dentist immediately.

Where Can You Find an Emergency Dentist Naples FL?

Visit an emergency dentist Naples FL immediately if you’re experiencing any of these warning signs. At Gulfside Dental, our emergency dentist will tend to your needs right away! Contact us for questions about our services!

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