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July 7, 2015
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X-Rays and A Thorough Dental Exam

At Gulfside Dental take your health seriously; when you come in for your dental exam or dentistry appointment, we start by taking digital x-rays which are the safest, and quickest, way for us to identify any oral problems.

Low Radiation Digital X Ray

Traditional x-rays were like old cameras: The images were captured on film which then had to be developed in a darkroom using harsh chemicals. Digital x-rays, don’t use any film and the pictures are available instantly so you don’t have to wait. More importantly, the electronic dental x-ray sensors which capture the pictures emit 90% less radiation than the standard film (Our patients still have an option of a lead apron for neck and torso protection).Digital x-rays are highly detailed and can be magnified and adjusted to help provide excellent diagnostic information for our doctors. The digital pictures our dentists take of your teeth will be projected on a screen in your exam room and Dr. Botero, Dr. McCash, or Dr. Reyes will discuss their findings of your dental exam with you as you watch.

X-rays are an important part of the comprehensive exam Gulfside Dental does for each patient. Digital x-rays help us see things we would be unable to see with the naked eye, including anomalies in the bone, signs of infection and cavities. Besides checking for tooth decay and gum issues, your dentist will visually screen your mouth for oral cancer. Oral cancer is responsible for the death of 1 American every hour of every day. Our team knows that the earlier it is diagnosed the more easily it can be treated.

After reviewing the x-rays and doing the visual oral cancer screening, your dentist will create a treatment program customized to your needs. This action plan could include a cleaning, scheduling any needed dental work, and an assessment of your bite and smile.

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