Periodontal Treatment Naples | Risk Factors of Periodontal Disease

June 10, 2019
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Gum disease is a common, but no less harmful condition to your oral health. If you’re experiencing inflammation or bleeding in your gums, as well as bad breath or a shift in the alignment of your teeth, it may be time to book your appointment for periodontal treatment Naples. It’s important to treat gum disease as soon as possible, as well as avoid stressors that will further the stages of decay. Here are four risk factors that can advance periodontal disease.


Tobaccos use of any kind will be sure to exacerbate both gum disease and tooth decay, and in many cases, is the underlying cause. Once infection sets into your teeth or gums, smoking creates harmful bacteria that collects on tooth enamel and gum tissue.


Certain medications (including diuretics and high blood pressure medications) generate a susceptibility to gum disease, causing dry mouth or enlarged gums. Both conditions make it easier for plaque to build up if your dental routine is not thorough enough to combat it.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

A well-balanced diet ensures that your immune system remains strong and healthy. Eating sugary foods and drinks on a constant basis will increase the number of bacteria in your mouth. This can also cause cavities, as well as the formation of decay in your teeth and gums.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Of course, if you don’t brush your teeth, tongue, and gums properly, plaque will be allowed to create decay over time. Maintaining a proper regimen of brushing and flossing, as well as professional dental cleanings, is your best defense against all types of periodontal disease.

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