Periodontist Naples FL | Things You Need to Know About a Periodontist

February 28, 2020
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If you’re experiencing excessive gum bleeding and are having loose teeth, then you need to see a Periodontist Naples FL as soon as possible. Bleeding gums, loose teeth, receding gums, and pain when chewing are some of the signs you have periodontitis. If left untreated, you may end up losing your teeth and your beautiful smile altogether. if you’re wondering why you should see a periodontist regarding your advanced gum disease instead of a regular dentist, here are the three things you need to know about a periodontist:

What Do I Need to Know About a Periodontist?

What is a Periodontist?

A periodontist Naples FL is a dental specialist who focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting the gums, including dental implants. A periodontist can help stop the problem from further progressing or even reverse the damage of advanced gum disease by performing several regenerative procedures that encourage tissue growth.

What Can a Periodontist Do to Treat My Gum Disease?

If your gum disease is minor to moderate, then a periodontist can perform a scaling and root planing procedure to deep-clean the surfaces of your teeth and below your gum line, removing any plaque, bacteria, and tartar buildup in these areas. If your gum disease has progressed into something more serious causing your gums to loosen around your teeth, then surgery may be necessary to address the loose pockets. Pocket reduction procedure aims to get rid of the infected tissue to allow the healthy gum tissue to naturally reattach to your teeth.

Are There Other Reasons Why I Should See a Periodontist?

Yes! Aside from treating your periodontitis, a periodontist can help improve the appearance of your smile by correcting excessive gums, receding gums, and missing teeth.

Looking for a Periodontist Naples FL?

If you suspect you have gum disease or are unhappy about your gummy smile, then see a periodontist Naples FL today! At Gulfside Dental, we aim to provide quality dental care so our patients can have the healthy, beautiful smile they desire. Contact us for inquiries.

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