Teeth Cleaning Naples FL | Reasons to Get Your Teeth Cleaned Regularly

October 15, 2019
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A lot of people fail to recognize the importance of teeth cleaning Naples FL. Getting your teeth cleaned regularly will not only keep your oral health at its optimum, but it can also make your smile bright and beautiful. If you’re constantly skipping your dentist’s appointment, or worse not going at all, then knowing the benefits of regular teeth cleaning might be able to change your mind. Here are the reasons why you should have your teeth cleaned regularly:

Keep Cavities Away

Built-up plaque on your teeth is one of the major causes of tooth decay. Plaque can eat away the enamel on your tooth, leaving holes, which can lead to cavities. But with regular teeth cleaning Naples FL and good oral hygiene, cavities and plaque are kept at bay.

Prevents Tooth Loss

Gum disease is the number one reason behind most tooth loss in adults. It is caused by bacteria and built-up plaque. If not treated immediately, it can advance into periodontitis, which causes the gums to separate from your teeth, causing loose teeth and eventually tooth loss. Good oral hygiene together with regular teeth cleaning can help prevent gum disease from existing in the first place by getting rid of plaque and bacteria.

Lighten Your Teeth

Regular teeth cleaning can help remove any built-up stains caused by certain foods and drinks, leaving your teeth brighter and whiter.

Improve Overall Health

Several studies show that there’s a correlation between your oral health and your overall health. That is why keeping your oral health at its optimum through regular teeth cleaning and good oral hygiene can lower your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Where to Have Your Teeth Cleaning Naples FL?

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