The DentalVibe Makes Dental Visits a Relaxing Experience

Making your dental visits easier than ever thanks to less discomfort!

The DentalVibe makes your visit to the dentist more relaxing and easier to handle! This incredible technology allows our patients to experience worry-free dental care. The unique technology in the DentalVibe provides gentle vibrations, alleviating pain and preventing dental anxiety.

Patients who add the DentalVibe to their visits are often completely unaware when an injection occurs which makes the procedure particularly helpful for people who feel stressed with needles or dental visits

How Does the DentalVibe Work?

The DentalVibe utilizes the intuitive Gate Control Theory of Pain, which dictates that the sensation of pain can be alleviated or prevented by harmless stimulation. The DentalVibe provides this harmless, relaxing stimulation in the form of the least intrusive and most effective method of pain reduction: vibration.

Not only does the DentalVibe create vibrations that distract nerves, it also creates a gentle sound that works to further distract your senses, making you even less aware of dental procedures. It truly is the most innovative form of dental pain mitigation!

DentalVibe Case Studies

In a study conducted by DentalVibe, subjects were asked to rate their pain after being injected with anesthetic. Patients who received their injections with the DentalVibe rated their pain significantly lower or even completely unnoticeable as opposed to those who received their injections without the DentalVibe. The study concluded that 83% found the injection with the use of this gentle vibration was significantly less painful than traditional dental injections!

Get the Dental Care You Need with DentalVibe!

Does dental anxiety keep you from getting the oral care you need? Dental health is strongly connected to overall wellbeing, so if you have dental anxiety, DentalVibe may be perfect for you!

Not sure if you have dental anxiety? Some common signs include:

  • Nervousness the day before a dental visit
  • Trouble sleeping before a dental visit
  • The sight of the office, dental tools, or dental staff is upsetting
  • Experiencing panic or trouble breathing when you’re in a dental chair

If you experience any of the above symptoms, or know that you have anxiety involving dental visits, you should bring this up to Dr. McCash, Dr. Botero, or Dr. Reyes so we can utilize the incredible technology that is the DentalVibe.

You’ll have less pain, less worry, and less stress. The final result? Excellent dental care for healthy teeth, strong gums, and a wonderful smile!

The ONLY Provider of the DentalVibe in Naples

DentalVibe has been shown to allow for painless dentistry by reducing pain and anxiety in patients while relieving stress and providing more comfort and relaxation. DentalVibe provides our patients with happier visits to the dentist. You’ll barely notice the injection, but you will certainly notice happier visits to the dentist and better oral health for years to come!

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