Denture Benefits

We at Gulfside Dental feel that all denture wearers benefit from using an implant system to help anchor their dentures. Our dentists feels denture implant stabilization has become the standard of care in dentistry, have proven themselves through research and experience to significantly improve the ease of function, aesthetics and general quality of life.

Denture Implants That Work For You

Many people experience various issues with their dentures, whether it is their first set or a replacement. In some instances patients can experience shifting, tilting, wandering, trapping of food, irritation of gums, difficulty or change in pronunciation and/or speaking, looseness or changes to what they consider their natural smile. Though these are key functions that dentures wearers in general expect to achieve, the anatomy and the general nature of removable prosthetics is a compromise from natural teeth. Some of these issues can feel crippling and impact one’s life in a negative way. The ultimate goal for Gulfside Dental and our dentists, as a group is to fabricate the best prosthetics we possible can in terms of function and aesthetic appeal, something that we have succeeded in since our inception. Not one case is similar and every individual has different needs, desires, and expectations. Fortunately there is an answer to the majority of these issues and it is in the form of Dental Implants.

Discuss Your Dentures With A Naples Dentist

Dental implant therapy and denture implants has been one of the most significant advances in dentistry in the past 25 years. Several types of implants and restorations are available from a removable to fixed option.

Feel free at any time to discuss with your dentist what dental implants can offer you, whether or not you may be a candidate or need to see an oral surgeon to pursue this option further. We have a close group of respected and skilled surgeons we trust and in conjunction with them, our staff and ourselves we will find a solution that meets your needs.

Questions about Dentures? Gulfside Dental Can Help!

It is important to always thoroughly clean dentures before placing them in your mouth. For any questions, concerns, or dental care don’t hesitate to call Gulfside Dental at (239) 774-3017

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