A gingivectomy is a simple technique our dentists at Gulfside Dental, use to help keep your smile healthy. The procedure is the surgical removal of excess or overgrown gum tissue.

Some people naturally have excess gums around their teeth. This extra gum tissue is very thick and can get in the way of crowns or fillings. It also makes it hard to clean the teeth. Sometimes a filling or a broken tooth breaks down below the gum line. A gingivectomy will remove some of the gum tissue around a broken tooth to give the doctor better access to the tooth. The laser also helps to cauterize the tissue if it is bleeding and the procedure needs a dry area.

Here at Gulfside Dental a dentist uses lasers for these procedures. Laser gum removal is faster than the traditional scalpel method and virtually painless for you! Dr. McCash, Dr. Botero, or Dr. Reyes can perform this surgery in the office for you.

After a gingivectomy, your gums will be slightly tender for about 7-10 days while they heal. During this time, it's important to avoid spicy and crunchy foods. It is recommended you keep to a soft diet instead. Brush gently in the area where the procedure was done for 3-4 days.

Remember afterwards you must practice proper home dental care by brushing your teeth after meals and flossing at least once daily.

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