Mini Dental Implants

Stabilize Your Dentures

If your dentures are loose or become destabilized during regular activities like chewing or talking, you may consider mini dental implants. Mini dental implant therapy was developed to provide individuals with greater denture stability and are an excellent option for patients who lack the sufficient bone matter or constitution for typical implants.

What are Mini Implants?

Mini dental implants, also known as the MDI System, are made of small metal implants that mimics the root of your tooth and is affixed to the base of your denture. These small implants allow Dr. McCash to provide you with greatly enhanced denture stability.

Mini implants are placed relatively easily in the office after the patient has been administered local anesthesia. Using an extremely precise technique, the implants are placed in the jawbone. The heads of the implants will provide a solid foundation that your dentures will rest on.

Recovering from Mini Implants

You should leave the dentures in place on the implants for at least 24 hours following placement. There will be some mild discomfort but this should be easily controlled with the medication provided. Your dentures should feel more secure and you are able to eat following placement of the implants but you should take care to avoid hard or sticky foods for some time. After the 24 hours are complete, you will return to the office for post-operative instructions and care.

Placing and Removing your Dentures

Both the implants and fixtures on the dentures must be clean. You should then take careful hold of the dentures and gently seat the denture above the teeth implants. Press firmly and with equal force on both sides of the dentures. You should feel the snap of the dentures on the implants. If you have trouble affixing your dentures to the implants, you should double check that there is no food residue or debris anywhere. You should also ensure that the implants are resting on each attachment.

To remove, insert your thumbs beneath each side of the lower denture rim and push both sides up at the same time.

Care and Maintenance

You should treat your implants as you would your own teeth. Food and debris should be cleaned away following meals. If you have any trouble with your dentures or implants, call Gulfside Dental as soon as possible to schedule a checkup so that we may ensure your implants and fixtures are properly affixed and maintained.

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