Teeth Cleaning

A dental cleaning is also referred to as prophylaxis. Regular teeth cleanings are necessary to ensure that your gums and mouth stay healthy. Here at Gulfside Dental, your cleaning will be done by one of our certified and licensed hygienists. Our dentists suggest that all patients have their teeth cleaned at the office semi-annually, or twice a year. For patients with active periodontal conditions we recommend periodontal maintenance cleanings every 3 or 4 months.

Here are some of the benefits of consistent dental cleanings:

Quick Identification of Other Problems: Annually, a complete dental exam will be done. That includes oral cancer detection, a health history review and checking your teeth and gums for any problems. Sometimes medical issues such as diabetes, asthma, and osteoporosis can present symptoms in your mouth.

Tartar Removal: Tartar can build-up below the gum line where floss cannot reach. If left alone, this tartar can lead to sore gums and gum disease.

Fresh Breath: Tartar, decaying food particles, and bacteria digesting that food all produce embarrassing mouth odors which are known as halitosis. Regular prophylaxes keep your breath fresher than mints can by removing the sources of bad breath.

Teeth cleanings are done in the absence of any gum disease, also called periodontitis. An early sign of periodontitis is gums that bleed when flossing or brushing. Other signs are loose teeth and bad taste in the mouth. If this happens to you, our dentists suggest you undergo scaling. Scaling is a non-surgical technique that removes sticky plaque deposits below the gum line, and helps arrest periodontitis.

The main benefits to scaling are:

  • It’s non-surgical: The teeth are sensitive the following day but there are no stitches or incisions to be made.
  • It’s less expensive than oral surgery.
  • Like a cleaning, your breath will be fresher afterwards.

While cleanings are a way to keep your mouth healthy they aren’t meant to be substitutes to brushing and flossing at home daily. Professional dentistry by Gulfside Dental. Proud to remain the Naples dentist of choice!

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