The Differences Between Partial and Full Dentures

March 7, 2022
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There are two main types of dentures – partial dentures in Naples, FL, and complete dentures. Generally, dentures are removable artificial teeth designed to replace missing teeth and surrounding gum tissues.   

People love dentures because of their affordability. Compared to other tooth replacement solutions, dentures are by far the most cost-efficient. No wonder thousands of patients request dentures each year. Not only do dentures improve your smile, but they also boost your oral function by allowing you to speak and chew comfortably.   

Technician Holding Partial Dentures in Naples FL

Partial vs. Full Dentures: A Comparison   

Partial Dentures   

Partial dentures are custom-made removable dentures that can replace several missing teeth regardless of location. Wearing partial dentures can help improve your chewing and speaking ability.  

They also help keep the rest of your natural teeth from shifting out of position. If you still have some healthy teeth that shouldn’t be extracted, they are probably a perfect option for you.   

Full Dentures  

Full dentures are great for people who have lost all of their natural teeth or have no usable natural teeth left. They consist of a gum-colored acrylic base that sits on your gums and are molded carefully to fit comfortably in your mouth.   

The upper set covers the roof of your mouth. Saliva between your gums and the denture is necessary to form a tight seal. The lower set of the dentures is shaped like a horseshoe and does not sit as tightly as the upper set due to the pressures of the cheek and tongue wanting to push it out.  

Sometimes patients need implants on the lower arch to have stability necessary for good function. Ask your doctor which options are best for you according to your bone and tissue levels.  

Dentist Holding Partial Dentures in Naples FL

Do You Need Partial Dentures in Naples, FL?   

If you still have healthy teeth left, you only need partial dentures. At Gulfside Dental, we provide affordable restorative dental services to help bring back your smile and enhance your oral function. Call us today if you want to book an appointment. 

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