What Problems Require Emergency Dental Care?

July 25, 2022
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Dental problems are annoying, but if you don’t deal with them as soon as they happen, they could quickly complicate and worsen, and by then, you’d need to call your emergency dentist in Naples, FL, for urgent care. Some dental issues can wait, but time is of the essence if you’re dealing with a dental emergency. If you don’t take it seriously and delay treatment, your symptoms can become severe. 

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What Problems Require a Call to Your Emergency Dentist? 

What Are Dental Emergencies?  

Dental checkups and routine teeth cleanings are usually done every six months, but if you experience anything out of the ordinary like severe pain and discomfort, or trauma to your mouth that led to lacerations and fractured teeth, don’t wait for your next dental appointment. 

What Are Examples of Dental Emergency Cases? 

Broken Tooth – If your tooth is cracked or broken, you need to let your emergency dentist know about it, so it doesn’t get infected. A crack in your tooth can become a portal of entry for bacteria to get inside the dental pulp. When you experience a broken tooth, use warm water to rinse your mouth. You can also apply a cold compress to reduce the swelling. 

Knocked-Out Teeth – A knocked-out tooth should be dealt with ASAP. If you act fast, your dentist may still be able to reattach your tooth to its socket. While waiting for your dentist, try to return the tooth to its socket. If that’s not possible, place it inside a milk container to keep it moist and viable. If milk is not available, place the tooth in your mouth, under your tongue. Make sure to only gently rinse under water, no not scrub the tooth clean before this!! 

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Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Naples, FL? 

If you experience symptoms that require emergency dental care, contact us right away. At Gulfside Dental, we offer emergency dental services to help restore your smile and oral health. We have the knowledge, experience, and training to give you the best possible care. Contact us today for an appointment.

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