Bonding & Fillings

July 7, 2015
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Bonding and Fillings

The first step to a healthy smile is to visit a preferred Naples dentist.

Our dentists have been successfully restoring teeth since 1990. One of the most common and simple dental restoration techniques at Gulfside Dental is called bonding. Bonding, also known as filling, can fix many embarrassing tooth problems.

The dentists at Gulfside Dental located in Naples, use bonding to:

  • To repair cracked and/or chipped teeth.
  • To close spaces between teeth.
  • To make your teeth look longer.
  • To change the appearance of any discolored teeth.

Beyond cosmetic purposes, dental fillings are also placed in cavities to stop further decay and used to cover the roots of a tooth if the gums have receded.

How Is A Tooth Bonded?

The procedure is 100% painless and can be done in one visit to Gulfside Dental! First, your dentist will prep your tooth. Next, a composite resin will be applied to the area. To solidify, or cure, this putty-like resin, the dentist will shine a blue light on it until it solidifies. After the bond is cured it’s ok for you to start eating right away!

For bonds or dental filling we use a white, tooth-colored composite filling resin that will blend in with your existing, natural teeth unlike gold or silver fillings. Unlike silver fillings, also called amalgam, the resin that we use contains no traces of mercury.

There are no special care instructions for bonded teeth. As always, you should brush twice daily and floss at least once a day. Bonding resin could chip if you habitually chew on hard objects like ice or your fingernails. Also you should schedule a comprehensive exam and cleaning with us at least every six months so we can help keep your mouth clean and healthy for you.

For all of your dentistry needs visit Gulfside Dental. Proud to remain the preferred Naples dentist!

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