Dental Implants

Dental implants have emerged as the leading means for replacing lost teeth and restoring oral function and confident smiles. Gulfside Dental securely anchors implants to the jawbone that serve as permanent replacements for missing teeth. These implants are then capped by natural-looking implant crowns that serve as the functional exposed part of the tooth. Not only do implants and their crowns work just like natural teeth, but they help maintain the jawbone’s shape and density that would otherwise degrade over time due to the missing root. Additionally, implants transfer chewing force to the jawbone, making them more comfortable and effective than dentures.

You might be a candidate for implant work at Gulfside Dental if:

  • You are missing one or more teeth
  • You have difficulty chewing because of missing teeth
  • You have or need a dental bridge
  • Your dentures are ineffective or uncomfortable
  • Tooth loss is impacting your smile

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants, which have the highest success ratio of any implanted surgical devices, work by providing a secure anchor in the jawbone that holds the crown in place. This is achieved by the implant’s titanium alloy property of naturally fusing to the bone in a process known as osseointegration. Once securely fixed in your jaw, implants and their crowns quickly work just as effectively as the teeth they replaced.

Implants are perfect for replacing individual missing teeth, and the most effective option for replacing completely missing arches. While partial dentures and bridges provide a reasonable cosmetic fix for missing arches, they are not as functionally effective and cannot stop underlying bone loss in the jaw. Additionally, bridgework needs two or more teeth to serve as abutments, exposing them to greater risk of cavities and other stressors, such as the cutting down of healthy tooth structure and occlusal load.

Your implants at Gulfside Dental

Your implant treatment at Gulfside Dental starts with a full assessment of your teeth, gums and underlying bone to determine whether implants can be successfully positioned into your mouth for long-term viability. Those with too much bone loss, or affected by other conditions, such as periodontal disease, cancer and diabetes, may not be viable candidates for implant treatment. Along with a physical assessment, Gulfside Dental relies on X-rays, CT scans and modeling to both determine implant feasibility and to successfully guide implant surgery. In cases in which the initial assessment deems feasibility hard to determine, or finds other complicating factors, Gulfside Dental will refer the patient to a specialist.

Gulfside Dental uses BioHorizons® implants, which have established a reputation as being among the best in implant dentistry. Not only have they undergone clinical trials and some of the most thorough research in the industry, but they come with a lifetime guarantee for the implant itself.

If you are missing teeth and interested in learning more about Gulfside Dental’s implant services, or in need of other dental work, please contact our office. We are proud to serve as your preferred Naples, Florida dentist!

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