Do I Need Emergency Dental Care for a Tooth Abscess?

June 20, 2022
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Does a tooth abscess require emergency dental care in Naples, FL? There is only one answer to this question, and it’s a yes. A tooth abscess is an infection caused by several factors, including poor dental hygiene, a high sugar diet, and dry mouth. Also, culprits are anatomical stones in your tooth nerve, cracks and tooth fractures and trauma. If you exhibit symptoms such as persistent and throbbing toothache, tooth sensitivity, fever, and swelling in your neck and face, you should see an emergency dentist immediately. Delaying treatment can lead to severe complications. 

woman with infected tooth needing Emergency Dental Care in Naples FL

Tooth Abscess: A Cause for Concern 

What Is a Tooth Abscess? 

A tooth abscess is a pocket filled with pus due to a bacterial infection. It can occur in any part of your tooth. An abscess that forms at the tip of your tooth roots is called a periapical abscess. Meanwhile, an abscess in your gum tissues or at the side of your tooth roots is called a periodontal abscess. A periapical abscess is usually a result of untreated tooth decay or an injury to your tooth. 

When Should You See an Emergency Dentist? 

As soon as you notice symptoms of a tooth abscess (fever, tender and swollen lymph nodes in your neck and under your jaw, tooth sensitivity, and persistent tooth pain that radiates to your ear, neck, and jawbone), you should call your emergency dentist right away. All these symptoms are indicative of an infection. If it’s not treated as soon as possible, the infection could spread to surrounding tissues and cause swelling of your face and neck.    

tooth abscess requiring Emergency Dental Care in Naples FL

Do You Need Emergency Dental Care in Naples, FL?  

If you show signs of a tooth abscess, let us know. At Gulfside Dental, we are committed to providing high-quality dental care. Our team uses state-of-the-art technology and the latest techniques to give you a comfortable and pleasant experience as we restore your oral health. Contact us today for an appointment. 

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