Emergency Dentist Naples FL | What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

June 24, 2019
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Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is crucial. Oral injuries happen every day, but how do you know the situation warrants emergency care or if you should seek an emergency dentist Naples FL or go to the ER? Check out what constitutes a dental emergency below:

Knocked Out Tooth

Few things are scarier than getting a tooth knocked out. It hurts, there is typically a lot of blood involved, and you are instantly concerned about what your smile will look like post-knock out. Time is of the essence if you get an adult tooth knocked out. It is imperative that you see an emergency dentist within 30 minutes of losing your tooth in order to maximize the chance your dentist can re-attach it. Do not handle the knocked-out tooth by the roots and try to keep it in a wet, safe environment until you can see the dentist. If they are unable to re-attach it, you might have to get a dental implant or bridge to replace the missing tooth.

Excessive Oral Bleeding

Oral bleeding can happen for a multitude of reasons. Everyone has experienced brushing or flossing their teeth and spitting out a little blood into the sink. That does not constitute a dental emergency for excessive oral bleeding. If your mouth or gums are bleeding continuously for more than five minutes, you should consider reaching out to a medical professional. They will advise you what to do before you get into the office, if it warrants an emergency dental visit, or if you should go directly to the ER instead. If you are excessively bleeding from your mouth (or anywhere on your body for that matter) for any period of time longer than ten minutes, it is best for you to go to the ER immediately.

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