How Do You Protect Your Dental Implants?

November 8, 2021
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Dental implants in Naples, Florida, are by far the most in-demand tooth replacement solution in America because they are impressively durable, and their strength is unmatched. Just like natural tooth roots, implants are permanently embedded in your jawbone. 

What makes implants different from bridges and dentures is that they are expected to last a lifetime. You don’t usually need to replace them or adjust them because once they are in your mouth, they will become a part of you indefinitely. 

But, to keep them securely anchored into your jawbone, you must take care of them diligently. So, how do you care for your implants? 

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How to Protect Dental Implants 

Good Dental Hygiene   

Did you know good oral hygiene is crucial to keeping your implants in excellent shape? Since gum tissues surround your implants, you must maintain healthy gums. 

Good oral hygiene encompasses brushing your teeth two times a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and flossing once a day. 

Pay special attention to the areas that surround your implants. We also recommend visiting the clinic at least twice a year for an oral exam and routine cleaning.  

Quit Smoking  

Research shows that smoking is a contributing factor to low bone density. Remember that your implants are anchored to your jawbone, so you must maintain high bone density. If not, your implants can come loose. 

People who continue smoking will eventually experience dental implant failure. 

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Are You Taking Good Care of Your Dental Implants in Naples, Florida? 

If you need more tips on properly caring for your dental implants, we can help you. At Gulfside Dental, we offer preventive dental care services like oral exams and professional teeth cleaning. Our treatment plans are affordable and highly personalized. 

Our team has the skills and knowledge to perform all types of procedures. Call us today for an appointment.  

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