Mini Dentures in Naples

Dentures are a popular solution for people who have lost some or all of their teeth. Sometimes,  traditional dentures can be uncomfortable and difficult to keep in place, especially for people with minimal bone support in their jaws. Mini dentures, mini dental implants, or small-diameter implants solve this problem. Let’s learn more about mini dentures in Naples, how they work, their benefits and limitations.

Mini Dentures: What They Are and How They Work

Types of Mini Dentures

Mini dentures come in different types, depending on the extent of tooth loss and the desired outcome. Here are the three main types of mini dentures:

  • Complete Mini Dentures
    Complete mini dentures are designed for people who have lost all their teeth. They consist of a full set of dentures attached to a series of small-diameter implants placed in the jawbone. Complete mini dentures are a popular alternative to traditional dentures because they offer improved stability, comfort, and functionality.
  • Partial Mini Dentures
    Partial mini dentures are designed for people who have lost some but not all of their teeth. They consist of a removable denture attached to one or more small-diameter implants. Partial mini dentures can be an excellent solution for people who want to replace missing teeth but do not want to undergo extensive dental procedures.
  • Overdentures
    Overdentures are a type of mini denture that is placed over remaining teeth or implants. They are designed to provide additional support and stability to the denture, making it more comfortable and functional. Overdentures are an excellent option for people with some remaining teeth or implants who want to replace missing teeth with a denture.

How Mini Dentures Work

Mini dentures are similar to traditional dentures; however, they are attached to the jawbone using small-diameter implants instead of suction or adhesive. The implants are typically made of titanium and are placed in the jawbone using a minimally invasive procedure.

The fitting process for mini dentures involves several steps, including a consultation with a dentist, taking impressions of the mouth, and creating a customized denture that attaches to the implants. The dentist will ensure that the denture fits properly and is comfortable.

Benefits of Mini Dentures

  • Improved Comfort
    They are designed to be more comfortable to wear than traditional dentures. The small-diameter implants used in mini dentures provide a stable base for the denture, reducing discomfort and irritation in the mouth.
  • Enhanced Stability
    Mini dentures are more stable than traditional dentures, reducing the risk of slippage or movement in the mouth. The implants provide a secure base for the denture, making it easier to eat, speak, and smile confidently.
  • Easy Maintenance
    They are easy to maintain and care for. They can be cleaned and brushed like natural teeth, and the implants provide added protection against bone loss and gum recession.
  • Minimal Bone Loss
    Mini dentures can also help prevent bone loss in the jaw, which can occur when teeth are missing. The small-diameter implants used in mini dentures stimulate bone growth and help maintain the shape and density of the jawbone.

Are You Interested in Mini Dentures in Naples?

If you are considering mini dentures, it is essential to consult with a qualified dentist to determine if they are a suitable option for your individual needs. At Gulfside Dental, our team can help you choose the right dentures for your needs. Contact us to learn more!

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